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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Grief!

Have you ever walked past your best friend without recognizing who they were? Have you cracked up laughing about something that seemingly was not funny in the least? Have you cried uncontrollably while listening to Madonna sing “Material Girl”? If you answered yes to most of the above, I would bet that you are grieving the loss of someone or something.

Grief has a pattern, I am told. It comes and goes like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes it crashes down driving you to unfathomable depths. Sometimes it takes you to pinnacles so breathtaking you dare not blink. Other times grief makes doing the mundane things of daily life unbearable. Birds singing in the trees can seem obnoxious, children’s laughter amplifies to a cacophony, a whisper startles, a gentle caress leaves you bruised and aching.

Then the pain recedes, leaving you spent and lifeless, gasping on the shore like a floundering fish praying for the next predictable wave to wash over you. Without that wave you would surely perish. Suggested read: Grieving forward : embracing life beyond loss by Susan Duke