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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Power of Kindness

I have always loved to do things to brighten someone's day. Recently I found my own days, weeks, and months being brightened by some very caring people. My foot was severely dislocated several months ago after a fall from a height of only two feet. I suddenly faced a long, extremely painful, and very inconvenient recovery. During my recovery, I found myself as the recipient of tremendous amounts of kind actions and words of encouragement that brightened my life while I struggled to do even the most basic things over a period of three months.

Shortly after returning home after surgery, friends started appearing at my door. They visited, brought food, offered medical aids, cleaned house, did laundry, brought things I couldn’t reach, drove me where I needed to go, took me for walks in the wheelchair, and did so many, many more big and little things that I appreciated so much. As my recovery progressed over a long period of time, a small core of friends continued to help. Two friends even did tasks to help my blind mother since I could no longer be a part of her care. One friend made sure Mom had books on CD and the other friend steam cleaned her deck so she could get someone to paint it.

Life is busy and it is often hard to find an extra minute. Taking time to show caring and compassion makes society a better place. It is easy to find someone who would benefit from your kindness. You have parents, children, extended family, and friends whose lives will be shaped by your thoughtfulness. You have neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers you pass each day who would benefit from your greeting. You know people who are sick, disabled, elderly or lonesome. I know how much easier the thoughtfulness of my friends made my recovery and I am so thankful for their thoughtfulness. Don’t hesitate to share your kindness as you go through life. Kindness is more powerful than you may realize and it is good for both you and to whom you direct it.

Take a look at the following for some interesting ideas on how to make a better day for someone.
http://www.parentswish.com/Site%2001/big.html (Video clip on aging)

Hug Your People by Jack Mitchell.

So What Can I Do? http://sowhatcanido.blogspot.com/2006/06/practice-random-acts-of-kindness.html

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are on the move.

If you can't find us, it's because we moved to our temporary summer location.

WHY: Construction has started on the addition and remodel of our current library. We are adding 1100 square feet, including a multi-use room for programs, study, meetings etc and upgrades to the existing space.

WHERE: We are now located at the Darrington Middle School Commons, 1065 Fir Street. You will notice a large banner hanging from the verandah railing that identifies it as the Temporary Darrington Library Summer 2008.

WHEN: We will be here until the end of August.

It may be smaller, but we still have computers, internet, copier, plus a great assortment of books, media and, of course, our friendly and knowledgable staff who can help you find that specific item you want or order it for you.

Did I mention programs? Summer is all about fun and we have weekly programs for teens with Wii, Guitar Hero, Nintendo DS and DDR on Tuesdays. School age children can enjoy fun and games on Mondays. Preschoolers have a couple of Friday programs scheduled in July. All these take place on our covered verhandah. How cool is that!