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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth - F-R-E-E, free for the whole family

It'll be just like the movie, except starring Emmett Sapp instead of Charlton Heston!

It’s the amazing, the spectacular, the incredible spectacle known as Emmett’s Adventures in South America: The Slideshow!

Want to hear more about studying abroad in Buenos Aires? Haven’t gotten your fill yet of pictures of Patagonian plains, Fuegian penguins, Brazilian waterfalls, and Peruvian ruins? Yearning to hear more tales of Emmett’s incredible exploits in exotic locales? Then yearn no more!

Come to the World Premier of Emmett’s Adventures in South America: The Slideshow! Conveniently located in the grand public library of that cosmopolitan capitol of culture, Darrington, Washington, the show will run for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Don’t miss it!

AUGUST 17th, 2009! A day sure to be remembered in the annals of history for what shall transpire at 7 PM at the Darrington Sno-Isle Library!

And even more stunningly, this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime event, will be FREE! That’s right, F-R-E-E, free for the whole family! So bring your friend, your wife, your girlfriend (or all three!) and come on over for the greatest show since Barnum & Bailey.

Remember, ONE NIGHT ONLY! Don’t miss this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! August 17th, folks! Be there, or be square!!!

If you want to read more about his six month adventures, click on his blog: http://esintrepid.wordpress.com/2009/08/

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you going to Meltdown?

Are you going to Meltdown?

While seemingly appropriate with regards to our recent heat wave, this question is neither an inquiry into your body temperature nor your mental status? It is actually an invitation for anyone who may read this to my favorite festival, actually my favorite weekend of the entire year. I am referring to the Flowmotion Summer Meltdown, a wonderful music and arts festival held annually near our little mountain town at the Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheatre (also known as the Bluegrass Grounds). From August 14-16, I can think of nothing else I would rather do or recommend others to do than go to this yearly gathering of folks, friends, and artists of all ages! Flowmotion is a Seattle band which boasts the talents of two of our own local musicians: Josh Clauson (lead vocal and guitar) is from Arlington and Eric Bryson (bass guitar) grew up in our very own Darrington! Find out more about this incendiary band at http://www.flowmotion.net/. This years’ Meltdown will be the bands’ ninth annual festival, and is not to be missed! With three stages of music over a three day festival, the acts booked are more than enough reason to attend: Jackie Greene (the “Prince of Americana”) and Tony Furtado band just to name a couple. You can check out the full line up at http://www.summermeltdown.com/ . I recommend checking out these sites, as there are too many great things about this festival to capture in one little blog, even one website, so you’re best bet is to just go and see for yourself! Children have perhaps the most fun of any attendees, with their own “children’s campsite,” (a section of their own recycled cardboard fort “tents” elaborately decorated with fabrics and glitters and colors…oh my! Last year I happened to walk by just in time to catch American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis giving an impromptu lecture to an enraptured young audience on the art and skill of beat boxing. This is the thing about Meltdown…you will find yourself capturing all sorts of these tiny precious moments. Here is one more: While watching the phenomenal talents of MarchFourth Marching Band, I heard a glass bottle (which is NOT allowed at the festival) break nearby. In the moment while I thought about whether to get up and help them pick up the pieces, a whole group of festival goers were on their feet circling the broken glass like seagulls to french fries. With all those tiny bare feet to protect, Meltdown goers are not the type to take chances for injury. They are a very environmentally conscious group, and are equally community oriented. The festival is run entirely on B-99 biodiesel, the cleanest burning fuel out there. In fact, this year the goal has been set to recycle 80% of the festival’s waste in its entirety. This is definitely the greenest festival out there! For a great family weekend, some fun and interactive lessons on reducing your carbon footprint, and to get your socks rocked off…Meltdown. Definitely Meltdown!

Recipe for Burnt Green

Recipe for Burnt Green

100 plus degree temperatures
Tinder dry underbrush
Dry grass
Minimal drops of rain

The lightning show was impressive, making viewers ooh and aah just like the fireworks on the 4th of July. Unfortunately the tinder dry conditions brought about by an extremely hot summer with little rain resulted in lightning fires. Over 33 fires were ignited in the area. Fire crews have been successful in extinguishing most of the fires. Work is continuing to finish putting out the remaining fires. According to the Gold Hill Complex Fire Update, the crews limited the damage to only 60 acres. We extend our thanks to all those who did the hot, sweaty, and dirty work of fighting the fires so we can continue to see our familiar green landscape.