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Friday, October 16, 2009

Relaxing at the Library

Many come to the library to read, check e-mail or just relax. Some browse quietly, while others are..uh..er…animals.

But Watch Out! It Might Be A Fake!

We visited our library recently to consult maps to find a good place for a walk. Our trek led us to pieces of bark that exactly resembled cow pies. The possibilities were endless. Our friends all love a good laugh so the image of a good natured friend coming home to find three cow patties on the porch suggesting a visit from the local bovine, was too much to resist. City folk not familiar with cow pies can click this link for more information about cow pies (Cow pie information)

We didn’t have to wait long. One set of our friends was out shopping when we got home. We neatly arranged the cow pies and waited. We got a call from the wife a few hours later wondering if we had any idea how cows had accessed their porch. Naturally we had no idea. She told us she had glanced at the porch while unloading the car. Startled, she told her husband, “We have a problem!” The couple rushed to the porch together to get a closer look. The husband picked up a pitchfork and, keeping the cow pies at a safe distance, sniffed the air. No smell. His wife thought he must be nuts, because of course those nasty cow pies were stinky!

Eventually confessions were made and the real makeup of the “cowpies” was disclosed. Everyone had good, tummy shaking laugh about the practical joke. The very next day the fake cow pies were waiting on the porch of other unsuspecting friends.

Library users can find maps and travel books that might just lead to unexpected treasures like fake cow pies. Look in the Sno-Isle Library catalogs for books about practical jokes or use the computers to find recipes for cowpies. Should you have a strange urge to improve your garden soil after reading this story, you can even choose a book such as The Rodale Book of Composting. The library is an excellent resource for finding materials to satisfy a wide variety of interests.