Darrington Library Blog

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Child

My granddaughter and great grandson recently came for an all day visit. I was struck by the conscientious way this happy little toddler was cared for, so I took the opportunity to acknowledge the young mother's efforts. A small gesture on my part made a huge impact on this tired young woman. With a beaming countenance, she spent the entire day joyfully sharing her son with us.
Any parent knows that raising a child has challenges. If you are looking for a book with practical ideas on raising a happy child consider What All Children Want Their Parents to Know by Diana Loomans.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winter Break Spells Fun at the Library

The library is filled with kids, many of them teens, engaged in a variety of activities. Some are on computers. Others are lounging, content in friendly conversations. Occasionally a giggle or two floats through an otherwise serene setting. It seems kids have found a way to pass those boring hours when there is no school. The secret is in the library.
The Darrington Library has a week of fun filled activities planned for the winter break. A theater troupe is coming to present “The Tiger, the Rabbit and the Rescue of Spring”. Then Captain Underpants will be featured in a hilarious program filled with trivia and a craft. We have games planned to amaze and beading projects guaranteed to calm your jitters. If that’s not enough, you can join your friends for a Saturday matinee showing of “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”.
Visit Sno-Isle Libraries home page and click on Events & Programs to find out the dates and times.