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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Adventures of Chicken Catchastori

The town was completely silent as the big guy walked cockily down the street. His name was Chicken. Chicken Catchastori. He walked with his chest puffed out, his beautiful colors flashing in the sun. Suddenly Chicken Catchastori stopped in his tracks. Where were all the chicks? Something was terribly wrong here. Chicken looked left. He looked right. Then he looked at the sign down the street at the local library. It said, “Story time today”. He saw chicks of all sizes and shapes rushing through the doors of the town library. Raising himself to his full height, Catchastori strutted to the library and right through the doors to where family story time was starting. Chicken flexed his muscles. The room was full. There were little chicks, big chicks, mama chicks, baby chicks. They all stared. But not at Chicken Catchastori. They all stared with rapt interest as the storyteller held her book high and read to her audience. Chicken Catchastori felt a little rejected at first, but before long he became caught up in the story, too. Now Chicken Catchastori doesn’t bother strutting down the street when he comes into a new town. He goes directly to a Sno-Isle library and catches a good story.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up on May 9. It is the opportunity for sons, daughters, their spouses, and husbands to take time to honor their mother and to show appreciation. Mother's Day is also an opportunity for a mother to consider the joy her children have brought to her. It is a good time for mothers to tell her family how they have enriched her life. The library has many books full of ideas that can help either a mother or her family make a beautiful, but inexpensive card or gift to express positive feelings which would be cherished forever by the recipient. A wonderful book is Handcrafted Cards from Elegant to Whimsical by Paige Gilchrist. A book with excellent gift ideas is Creative and Thoughtful Gift Giving by Leah Ingram. If you would like to share, tell us what you did on Mother's Day.