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Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Adventures of Chicken Catchastori

Chicken Catchastori strutted into the local library to catch a story and find some action. It was important to make sure the pecking order was intact with him on top. Catchastori flexed, preened, and fluffed his finery, looking brilliant in his colorful wear. Suddenly something caught his eye! He couldn’t believe it. The local librarian was in the meeting room with guitar in hand, moving wildly about while strumming and singing at the top of her lungs as music rocked the room. Her hair had escaped the binds of the bun on the back of her head. The librarian’s long hair was flying around wildly as she tossed her head furiously while playing the guitar. Catchastori’s mouth dropped open. He gasped and placed a wing over it. His eyes were as big as saucers. In his entire life, he had never seen a librarian without a bun twisted tightly on the back of her head and never, never had seen one with long, flowing hair making music such as this.

After the initial shock, Chicken Catchastori looked closer. There were others in the room. The librarian’s flock consisted of cute teenage chicks and handsome dudes. The wild librarian handed the guitar to some of the teens, then brought out other guitars and games. Chicken decided to join the group. He knew he could play the games, make the music and do it well. He wanted to be the best! Soon Chicken had mastered the tasks and was expertly strumming guitars, driving race cars, and doing dance routines. He was so good everyone in the room gave him a standing ovation. Chicken Catchastori forgot all about flexing and worrying about the pecking order and exclaimed, “Wow! Libraries are the absolute best place to be! I’m going to check the schedule for the next teen game night and bring my best friend, Chicken Winzalot”.