Darrington Library Blog

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chickie Catchastori

The warm sun made the earth a welcoming place the day Chickie Catchastori came into the world. His downy feathers caught the light as he peeked out from underneath his mother’s wing. Chickie was a tiny little fellow, but right from the start he had a big attitude. He quickly realized that life was an adventure and the world was his to explore. Chickie’s mama squawked helplessly as Chickie shot out from the safety of her wing and ran wildly around the coop.

Chickie’s sisters and brothers hid their eyes in fear as Chickie ran up to the biggest rooster in the flock. His mama just sighed. In one terrifying motion, the big rooster scooped Chickie up in his wings. "Hello Chickie, I’m your uncle, Chicken Catchastori," the rooster said. "How would you like to go catch a story at the library with me today?”

Chickie peeped excitedly as he rode on his uncle's shoulder to the library. Uncle fluffed his feathers as they entered the room where baby storytime was held. All the mama’s swooned. Chickie tried to fluff his downy feathers, too. The mamas smiled and clucked approvingly. The librarian read a story about flying. Chickie wanted to fly right then and there, but uncle said Chickie must develop real feathers first. The librarian agreed and showed Chickie how to use his little toes to spell out his name in sign language. Next she helped Chickie stick his foot in paint to make yellow and green footprints all over a piece of paper! Chickie could hardly wait to go home and tell his brothers and sisters about the exciting time he had at the library’s baby storytime session.