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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Better Me, Before the New Year

I realize that it takes all kinds of people to create this wonderfully diverse world, but I will tell you a little about the kind of person I am NOT: I am not a black friday shopper. Fighting over deals and/or getting trampled by competing shoppers is not my idea of the best way to welcome in the holiday season following good old turkey day. I am also not a Christmas Eve shopper. Again, the crowds and lines and waiting... oh my! No thank you. Are you seeing a trend here? It is, I believe, the conformity of it all that turns me off. I have never really liked doing something at a certain time just because everybody else is doing it then. Which brings me to my New Year's Resolution. Don't be afraid; I am not jumping ahead two holidays. I happen to be the type of person who makes resolutions all year long. Whenever I come upon anything, be it a book, person, or piece of advice that gives me a glimpse of a better version of myself, I jump on the opportunity. Why should New Years Day get all the resolutions? Starting a new or better you can begin whenever you choose. Above are a couple of my recent favorite best bets that were unexpected, insightful gifts from my library. While I don't want to give away Don Miguel Ruiz's entire book,The Four Agreements ; his first agreement is "BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD." There is a lot to be realized in just that statement alone.

What books have you discovered that you would recommend? Any that help deal with holiday crowds would be very welcome here. ;) Wishing you all a safe, happy, non-trampled Holiday season.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Winter is coming, hold onto your hat! Find your coat and cuddle your cat. Add some hot chocolate, a warm crackling fire, now get together for beautiful smiles. You can find a great selection of materials to make an evening memorable at your local Sno-Isle library…books, movies, talking books, music CDs and more. Combine some much needed projects with a fun family get together. For example, great ideas for organizing family photographs can be found in Family Scrapbooking: Fun Projects To Do Together by Lael Combe Furgeson. Think of all the extra space that will be available in the closet when those photos are beautifully displayed in a scrapbook. Afterward, grab a snack, some hot chocolate, play some soft music and reminisce.