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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back in the Day

Remember back in the day when TV was visible via antenna? There were no monthly fees, just an initial investment of an antenna and a television. Oh, you don’t remember that? Then you are just too young! This will be a history lesson for you.

After walking all over the property to find good reception, the antenna was eventually planted in the back yard, the front yard, the side yard, or even on the top of the roof depending on where the best reception could be found. Those were the days when we had more time, got more exercise, and even talked a bit with each other. We had more time because we really didn’t watch much television since the quality of the picture varied from bad to worse with the blowing of the wind. The wind caused the antenna to spin around so we got exercise by running outside in the storm to return the antenna to the best direction for viewing. Someone else stood in the doorway looking at the television so they could yell at the person outside when the picture was back to as good as it could get. The normal conversation during the process was, “Can you see the picture yet?” Soon the person in the house yelled, “Not yet, keep turning” so you see, we had some good conversations going on. Eventually the right position for the antenna was found and the next task was to secure it and that definitely wasn’t an easy task. As soon as we thought it would stay, it slipped back the other direction a quarter of a turn and we were back to the beginning of the process.

While the television picture often was little more than moving shadows accompanied by voices, there were a number of innocent, fun, shows that provided entertainment for determined television audiences. Sno-Isle now has many of those TV series on DVD in the library collection. They are a lot of fun. Check out I Dream of Jeannie for some good laughs; Leave it to Beaver for some ideas on how to raise good kids; Mission Impossible for a suspense filled hour; and Bonanza for a television trip back to the wild west. Additional recommendations by our staff are Different Strokes and I Love Lucy. Add your favorites to the comment section of this blog and give our readers ideas for selecting the perfect television series to enjoy on a long rainy afternoon.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Love is in the Air

You're in love and now it is time to plan the perfect wedding. However the thought of spending a small fortune to get married is not your idea of perfection and you refuse to follow that path. Beautiful, but less costly weddings can be planned by incorporating nature into the theme in any season. Winter provides an opportunity to incorporate snow and sleigh rides into the wedding scene. Spring and summer brings lovely waterfalls tumbling down the mountainsides which can serve as backdrops for some spectacular wedding photos. The serenity of the seashore on a warm summer or fall day adds a special touch when you begin your lifetime of love. In fact, one enterprising couple who didn’t want to spend a fortune decided to get married at the seashore. They found lovely, but affordable wedding attire, decorated their two dogs as “flower girls”, and their marriage has passed the test of time. Another happy couple went to the Leavenworth area for their wedding. After an enjoyable sleigh ride into the mountains, they were married in a snow-covered clearing and have lived happily together since.

Sno-Isle has books full of ideas about planning less expensive but beautiful weddings. For example, try How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget: Cut your Wedding Costs in Half by Diane Warner or Stylish Weddings for Less : How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On A Budget by Catherine Sabino. If you decide nature doesn't provide enough natural decorations, take a look at Beautiful Wedding Decorations & Gifts On A Small Budget by Diane Warner.

Whether you choose a large wedding with no expense spared, or a low cost, but tastefully beautiful wedding, look for wedding planning assistance through your local library. You will be glad you did.