Darrington Library Blog

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a Bear!

A young man walked into the Darrington Library accompanied by a bear. The bear was so beautiful the employees at the library stopped and stared at its honey colored fur and its perky bear ears. So mesmerized were they by this bear that they forgot to be afraid of its needle sharp teeth and its daggar-like nails. Each employee said, “Oooh”, and then said “Ahhh”. Each one loved that bear and thought how nice it would be if the bear could be their own.

The librarians thought, they plotted, they planned, but as the young man explained how he and the bear came to be together, the librarians could see there was just no polite way anyone could separate the bear from the young man. You see, the young man had brought his bear to the library so employees would know how helpful Sno-Isle Libraries are to local residents. One day not many months before, the young man had decided to learn to do woodcarving with a chainsaw. He walked in to his local library, checked out a book about carving with a chainsaw, and proceeded to make a bear. Armed with only a saw, a large piece of wood and a library book, the young man soon released the bear from the wood.

Moral of the story: You can do anything with a good book. Go to your local library, check out a book, and try something new!