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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's This About Frogs?

Frogs and spring. It's wonderful to sit in the vicinity of a pond or lake in the spring where we can listen to concerts performed by our little green friends. Ancestors of modern frogs have been around for 190 million years adapting to whatever mother nature throws their way. As a result, frogs seem to live everywhere. Some frogs live in the arctic where they actually freeze part of the year. Other frogs live in the desert where one type, a very patient type, burrows into the ground and waits up to 7 years for the next rain. Frogs live in low places and even on mountain tops as high as 15,000 ft. They come in all colors with a wide variety of patterns on their skin.

If you are interested in learning more about the frogs you hear in the spring, we invite you to come to the library where you can find an abundance of information on the subject of frogs. Feel free to use one of our computers to view Exploratorium’s wonderful website at www.exploratorium.edu/frogs, or bring your own computer and hook up to our WiFi. You will be glad you did. The website host, Exploratorium museum located in San Francisco, has many fun facts to satisfy your curiosity about frogs and other topics.