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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunshine and Flowers

At last, multiple days of sunshine have come to Darrington. There were at least two consecutive sunny days just last week and it is happening again! Spring arrives “down below” three to four weeks before it gets to Darrington but when arrrives, it is wonderful.

The term “down below” used by locals means anywhere out of Darrington. Usually it refers a place like Arlington, Marysville, Everett, Burlington, or Mt. Vernon. A Darrington resident who leaves the rain, snow and cold weather to make a trip down below in early spring is quite often rewarded during their travels by flower beds full of blooms, pink and white trees abundant with blossoms, and warmer air. The exciting part is to see all nature’s splendor, knowing it will happen again in three or four weeks up in Darrington.

As the air warms in Darrington and the sun peeks through, residents shake the rain off their hats, the snow off their boots, then turn their faces up to feel the caress of the sun on their face. Soon they find a shovel or other garden tool and begin to prepare a place for a flower bed or garden. They can’t help it. It is great to be outdoors.

The talented gardener at Darrington City Hall and Library is already hard at work with planter boxes full of blooms. Visit the Darrington Library to find gardening books to enjoy. You can read and look at the pictures and call it good, or you can get some ideas for a really great garden. pc

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